Sanhita Manch

Hindi literature might not date back to a very long forgotten era, but post- independence contemporary times have been a witness to its creative rise and development. On a general basis, every leading name in literature enjoys much prominence in the mainstream. In such a scenario, the emerging writers always struggle very hard to carve a niche for themselves. Hence, our humble effort is to reach budding writers and encourage them to continue the rich tradition of Hindi literature. Our aims are as follows. It has been observed that theatre in India has often seen a scarcity of Hindi playwrights forcing the performing groups to repeat, edit or adapt the existing old plays. We, at Being Association, aim at bringing new original theatre scripts to the readers and theatre viewers. Undertaking this responsibility, we have come up with this decision to organize 'Sanhita Manch' for new texts. We attempt at recognising, promoting and circulating new original writings from all parts of the country; furthermore, amongst all the entries to select three best texts and to produce them as theatrical productions and have these published in a book.