Raat Na Aaye


Speaker 1

RAAT NA AAYE is a story of a family , which is devastated by its own memories, and past. the truth of life is, we can not forget, even if we think we have put our past behind. Yashpal sigh Sahney, is a legendary actor, who was once a star of indian theatre, and his role in television, has given him all possible name, fame and money, and ruined his acting career after that. His wife Bals, has recently returned from a rehabilitation centre , taken treatment from her morphine addiction, which started due to loneliness, and instability. In addition to this, the family is worried about their youngest son Aayush, who is clearly vey ill, as they fear it might be cancer. The elder son Raaj ia frustrated daily soap actor, who only got into this industry because of the influence of his father and now doing B grade work to humiliate his father. the play goes into a zone when the confrontations, which are best avoided happen and the feeling of bitterness , and loneliness surrounds the family. this play talks about the hypocrisy in family bonds, and true love between the family members.