Directed by Rasika Agashe

Speaker 1

About the writer :

This play is made up of monologues, mostly written by actresses themselves. Two monologues are inspired from writings of MEGHANA PETHE, TEHMINA DURRANI & DHARMVEER BHARTI. Two Poems in between are from GULZAR, and ALOKDHANWA. Final script is by dr. Sumedh kulkarni. He put his efforts to get all of this together, writing scenes and songs.

About the play :

It was December 2012 when people were campaigning all over the country in all possible ways after the Delhi rape case. We had our theatre to use as a medium for protest. When we started to explore the issue for making this play happen, we happened to explore ourselves more than anything else. It was the time when we realised that being a woman is much more than being just a female. Having started to explore women right from mythology to today's women, we found that many things, good or bad, desirable or undesirable, follow the same paths even today. If a woman still experiences the same things, though in different faces, why not document it or preserve it in a museum?

About the script : ( Director’s Note )

Knowing today's reality, it will not be wrong if we call this species as one that is in danger. Let's see this museum in the play- MUSEUM... OF SPECIES IN DANGER. It is a compilation of monologues of women characters from mythology, today's India and some characters from literary works as well. Most of the monologues are written and improvised by the actors themselves. Two of them are suitable translations of literary works "aaye kuch abr" and "blasphemy". There are poems of a few acclaimed and some new poets. All the monologues and poems are compiled and bound together by Sumedh in a script format.